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  • Production Process of Glass Bottle

    The glass bottle production process mainly includes: ① Raw material pre-processing. The massive raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed to dry the wet raw materials, and iron in the raw materials is removed to ensure the quality of glass. ② Batch preparation. ...
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  • Ten Most Common Defects in Glass Bottle Forming

    Ⅰ Cracks Cracks are the most common defect of glass bottles. It can be very fine, some of which can only be found in reflected light. The bottle mouth, bottle neck and shoulder are often found, and cracks are often found on the bottle body and bottom. Ⅱ Uneven Thickness This refers to the uneven...
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  • Our website is online.

    Xuzhou Linearnuo Company is a professional glassware manufacturer and trading company. Our company is experienced in producing glass products, 98% of our products are exported to overseas, In addition, we have a professional research and product development team which is composed of senior engine...
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