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Perfume should be sprayed in these 11 places.

In general, perfume should be sprayed in these areas as far as possible:

1. Behind ears: perfume is usually the most common part of the body. It is high in body temperature and free from ultraviolet radiation.

2. Back neck: if it is long hair, you can cover it with hair to avoid ultraviolet radiation. However, if the skin is more sensitive, it should be used carefully depending on the individual’s condition.

3, hair: put perfume on the hair tip, as long as gently pendulum head, it is full of charming aroma. But when you have dinner with people, you’d better not wear perfume.

4. Inner elbow: the inner elbow belongs to the part with high body temperature. As long as you move the elbow, it will emit a fragrant aroma.

5, waist: when attending a dinner, perfume is rubbed below the waist, which is more fragrant than the rub on the exposed skin.

6, wrist: the secret is to rub the perfume on the vein. This part of the body has high body temperature and regular activity. It is the place where the fragrance is easy to emit.

7, fingertips: fingertips are easily stained with all kinds of flavors. I hope to wear perfume in this area to become your habit. Especially those who smoke, don’t forget to smell perfume on your fingertips. However, please be careful not to touch the fragrance everywhere.

8, inside the knees: put perfume on the inside of your knees, so that you can smell up from the bottom when you stand up. When you wear perfume, you can rub it directly on the stockings.

9, legs: before you put on your stockings, rub the perfume on your legs, knees and ankles, so that the aroma is not only elegant but also durable.

10. Ankles: rub the perfume on the inside of the Achilles tendon on the top of your ankles. Every time you touch the lotus step gently, you will send out a faint fragrance. If you want to add perfume, don’t forget this part.

11. Skirt: as long as you swing the skirt, the fragrance will spread gently and leave a good impression

Post time: Sep-26-2021