How to Let Perfume Fragrance Lasts Longer

 Correct use of perfume

1. Spray method

Spray perfume above your head, let the spray of perfume scatter on your hair and body, and stand in perfume spray for 2 minutes, so that the perfume on your body has a stronger flavor. Using this method to spray perfume, all parts of the body can be evenly stained, making the fragrance more lasting.


2. Spray directly on clothes

It’s very good to spray perfume on your clothes, so that your body will emit a very charming fragrance when you walk around. However, silk clothes should not be exposed to high concentration of perfume, otherwise the clothes will be damaged. We can spray perfume on the edge of the collar or the hem of the skirt, so that the fragrance can last for a long time.

3. Spray it behind your ears

To make the taste of perfume lasting, it is good to spray it behind your ears, because the temperature of this part is higher than that of other places, and the fragrance of perfume will be easy to distribute.

4. Spray on the ankle

I believe many people don’t know this method, and very few people use it. Maybe you haven’t tried spraying it on your ankles, but it’s also a place where it’s easy to emit fragrance. Apply perfume on your left and right bare feet respectively. As you walk, the fragrance can be distributed. You might as well try it.


 How to use perfume? Fragrance is more lasting

1. Keep only one fragrance. In hot summer, it’s best to use a lighter perfume, and a stronger perfume at night — but don’t use two perfume at the same time, so the taste will become very strange. It is recommended to use fragrance free or skin care products of the same series.

2. First apply the wrist and then move it to the whole body. Dip the perfume on the wrist first, and then move it to the other wrist. After the wrist is warm, move it from the wrist to the back of the ear, and then apply it on all parts. Never rub your wrists against each other, as this will damage perfume molecules.

3. Wake up the fragrance with the ring finger. The ring finger is the most gentle, and the other fingers are too strong. Just press the ring finger gently twice in all places. Evenly and thinly spread perfume all over the body, which is the wise way to wear perfume.

4. Let your hair send out charming fragrance. If you want to put perfume on your hair, it is more than enough to use the residual fragrance left on your fingers. Don’t spray perfume directly on your hair. The fragrance is too direct and not graceful enough. Where is the most attractive place to apply perfume.

Application method of perfume spraying depends on the occasion

1. Party: if you wear evening clothes to attend the party, you’d better spray perfume on the skirt (but it may leave dirt), because when you walk and swing the skirt, the fragrance will disperse with the wind, just like flowers in full bloom, attracting his attention with fragrance.

2. Lunch: have a casual lunch with him. In addition to choosing a fresher perfume, put it on the inside of your elbow or wrist! It allows you to send out the fragrance when you eat.

3. Date: spray perfume on the back neck and hair. When he approaches you or kisses you, he will smell your fragrance, which can leave memories for the first love.

Post time: Jul-13-2022