What perfume is good for car perfume




1. Cologne flavor: most of them are light, because they are pure essential oils of plants, flowers or fruits, not products mixed with essence, so they are not pungent.

2, lavender, rose and other fragrance type perfume: in winter, it is better not to choose, because these tastes are too sweet, easy to cause people to feel sleepy, and affect driving safety.

3, strong herbal fragrance, fresh green tea flavor and sweet apple flavor: suitable for those who love to smoke in cars, these fragrance perfume can effectively remove smoke smell.

4. Sweet flower fragrance and cool herb fragrance: it is suitable for some car owners with excessive work pressure and fast pace of life. They can calm their Qi and concentrate.

5, peppermint Perfume: people who drive for a long time can consider choosing, refreshing and refreshing, which can eliminate fatigue and sleepiness in driving.

Post time: Oct-19-2021