Which Step to Use Eye Cream



What is the first step of using eye cream in skin care? How to protect skin? What are the correct skin care steps? How to use skin care products? For these questions, every mm may have their own answers. But did mm do it right?

In general, eye cream is used before the essence of water. Eye cream can replenish water and moisturize, alleviate the dryness of eye skin, weaken eye fine lines, and effectively improve eye skin. It is an essential product for many female friends. Let’s take a look at it!

Eye cream in what step should be used after the cream, before the essence.

The correct sequence is as follows:

Step 1: remove makeup

Makeup removal is the first step in the basic skin care process. Only when the cleaning work on the face is done in place, the subsequent skin care will play a role.

Step 2: wash with facial cleanser

This is the second time to clean the skin. For the cleaning effect, makeup removal is deep-seated and can well clean up the garbage in the pores.

The facial cleanser is a kind of external cleaning, which can carry the garbage on the surface of the skin. The dual role of both can make the daily skin care steps play a perfect role in cleaning.

Third: Pat toner

Toner plays a good role in regulating the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum plays a vital role in whether the skin can well absorb the next skin care products. Water has the function of secondary cleaning. In fact, it is helping you gently clean the cutin on the surface of your skin and unwashed facial cleanser.

The use of toner is best combined with cotton pad, which will make the toner more evenly absorbed by the skin. Simple tools will make the daily skin care steps more effective.

Fourth: Eye Cream

For the use of eye cream, it is recommended to apply the eye cream gently with the ring finger. Remember not to be too heavy, because the skin around our eyes is very fragile.

Fifth: Essence

The use of essence can be described as a “emergency” skin care, because essence itself is rich in a lot of skin care ingredients refinement.

When there are some urgent problems in the skin, you can choose essence to remedy. This does not mean that the essence is only used at a special time, but the daily skin care should not be ignored.

Sixth: emulsion

The emulsion is a lock on the front replenishment link. It has a protective effect on the skin, and the application of emulsion is also manual.

Place the right amount of emulsion on the face and use the palm with the temperature to match the texture of the skin. The correct daily skin care steps will keep you young and beautiful forever.

The correct use of eye cream 1. Eye cream can be used in the morning or at night, usually after cleaning the skin.

2. First, use the ring finger to take the mung bean size eye cream, and use the abdomen of the two ring fingers to rub the eye cream with each other. The purpose is to warm the eye cream, so that the skin can more easily absorb the nutrients in the eye cream.

3. Then gently pat the eye cream on the skin around the eyes by playing the piano.

Here we should pay attention, especially in the extension from the lower eye socket and eye tail to the temple, in addition to applying some eye cream. This is a more needed place.

4. Then start from the lower part of the eye, gently press from the Jingming point to the end of the eye, and finally gently press from the upper part of the eye from inside to outside. This step is very important for eye beauty, remember!

5. Then use the middle finger abdomen to start from under the eyebrow, press it gently, and press it gently from inside to outside along the orbit, so that the eye cream can be applied.

6. Finally, in order to promote the blood circulation of the eye skin, we should gently press the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the nose with the fingertips of the middle finger.

Eye cream precautions 1. The eye skin is very thin. If you use too much, it will not be absorbed. On the contrary, it will cause a burden and accelerate aging. Use two mung bean sized eye cream each time.

2, eye cream should be used sooner or later, can not use eye cream to cover eye cream.

3. At the same time, pay attention to the hygiene of hands when applying eye cream to avoid secondary pollution, especially the nail seams should be cleaned.

4, can not use eye cream instead of eye cream, cream and lotion should also avoid eye use.

Post time: Sep-27-2021