Paris is also a perfume town that cannot hide its light. Chanel n ° 5, which is popular all over the world, was born here

Ms. Chanel has a famous saying: a woman without perfume has no future. So the mention of perfume is bound to be linked to France, the romantic capital. When many people are no longer satisfied with buying a few bottles of perfume at the Champs Elysees boutique, they will make a pilgrimage to glass, a small border town in southern France!


With a population of less than 40000 and an area of only 45 square kilometers, there are more than 30 perfume factories and more fragrance mixing laboratories. More than 2/3 of the people in the city are engaged in work related to perfume… It is the birthplace of the global perfume industry and the raw material of major perfume factories in Paris. The world-famous Chanel n ° 5 was bo


However, it is amazing that the original industry here was not perfume. In the middle ages, it was famous in Europe for tanning leather and sewing gloves. There are many handicraft workshops for cooked leather in the city. In order to eliminate the peculiar smell on leather, people plant flowers in front and behind their houses. Over time, they found that the soil and climate here are particularly suitable for flower growth.



So some people used local materials to extract essential oils from flower petals. Others simply switched to perfume. Many laboratories and distilleries began to emerge in the city.微信图片_20220513154436

Because it is on a slope, all kinds of flowers in glass can find an altitude suitable for their growth. Roses in May and June, lavender in June and July and jasmine in August and September collect 7 million kilograms of petals in this area every year.


At the beginning of August every year, the “Jasmine Festival” will be held here. The flowery float passed through the town. The young women on the float threw flowers at the crowd. Everyone was wet with the natural perfume of the flowers微信图片_20220513155223

So far, there are still many perfume manufacturers, such as Chanel, Guerlain, Jean Barton, etc., which do not use jasmine flowers not produced by glass. It is said that about 8 million Jasmine can extract 1 kg of purified oil, which is very precious微信图片_20220513155228

Here, from the perfume raw material production workshop in the suburbs to the perfume factory and perfume Museum in the center of the city, you can find scenic spots related to perfume everywhere. Among them, Fragonard, Molinard and galimard are the most famous. Perfume has been produced for at least 500 years
















As an ashes grade perfume King brand, Fragonard has the world’s first perfume factory. There is a perfume made in 1782 in the factory. It is one of the oldest perfume factories in the region.


The perfume bottles of various periods, gold, silver, glass, crystal, ceramic, different periods, different backgrounds, different preferences and other reasons displayed in the museum have created perfume bottles of various textures


There is also a wonderful perfume college, which only recruits 12 perfumers worldwide every year. Throughout the academic year, students should master 300 kinds of synthetic incense and 300 kinds of natural incense, and conduct blind tests from time to time, which is dreamy and desirable.


When you go deep into glass, you will find that perfume no longer seems to be glingbling dazzling and flashy. Under its bright appearance, it has a precipitation aesthetic feeling. If you are lucky enough to come to this town one day in the future, you might as well make a perfume by yourself to blend all the memories here into the smell and feel the lasting beauty!微信图片_20220513161123








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