Ball perfume, also known as “walking perfume”, or “perfume pen, easy to use, small size, it is necessary to carry out the fragrance of the magic device.  Perfume is perfume dissolved in alcohol products, volatile, perfume has their own specific fragrance aroma.  A good perfume excites the spirit and makes you feel good and that’s probably what it’s there for.





1. roll  it on the roots of the ears, wrists and neck, where it will last.  

    2. Perfume should not be used too much, otherwise it is easy to smell “smelly”.

   3. The perfume that men and women use also differs somewhat, general female perfume smells a little slant sweet, have floral fragrance, rouge flavour is more powerful these increased a few nifty and charming to the female.  Men’s perfume generally has tobacco, sandalwood and so on smell to let a person feel mature and steady, make a person at 

     4. The use of perfume should also be divided into occasions and locations, such as the spray of light fragrance for office during the day, and the use of luxiang fragrance for dinner at night. 



Post time: May-09-2022