11 Perfumes Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing This Winter

2018 China Beauty Expo in Shanghai- Xuzhou Linearnuo Co.,ltdWinter is near, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is the season chock-full of holidays, but the cooler temperature lends itself to new opportunities for layering coats, scarves, and boots to our heart’s content. Another wardrobe component that gets extra consideration during the equinox is our perfume choice. After all, we’ll need scents that won’t get smothered under all those clothes, and, of course, that smell as chic as we look.

Just in time for the turn of the season, we hit up some of our most fashionable friends to get their hot takes on the olfactory goodness they’re already loving for winter. From woodsy scents to intricate florals, and even some unexpected scent cocktails, our trusty clique gave us the lowdown on the perfumes they’ll be spritzing until the L.A. rain goes away.

“I never felt that I found ‘my’ scent until I tried Le Labo’s AnOther13. It’s an exclusive fragrance that the perfumery collaborated on with AnOther Magazine, and, as the two put it, it’s both hypnotizing and utterly unique. Rich notes of musk balance lighter hints of jasmine along with 12 other ingredients that are forever a mystery to me. It’s the perfect everyday fragrance for someone like me who prefers something a little deeper, and I love that the oil-based formula is more concentrated than most, so a single spritz is all you need.”

Leave it to Craig, who you might know as Bag Snob online, to get creative and blend two fragrances together to create her signature scent. She loves Kai gardenia oil mixed with Le Labo Lys 41.

“Kai gardenia oil is sweet, and Le Labo Lys 41 is has a white floral musk, which is a great balance,” she shared.

“Portrait of a Lady is my go-to scent for fall and winter. The fragrance is sophisticated, sensuous, and alluring all at once. It pairs perfectly with a red lip and elevates a dark fall wardrobe. The top note is an evocative oriental rose that perfectly captures glamour and mystery. It’s entirely irresistible.”

“I’m currently crushing on Acqua di Colonia Cinquanta by Italian scent specialists, Santa Maria Novella. The fragrance takes me back to a golden era of luxury perfumes. I love the combination of floral and woodsy notes.”

“I should say Dior, but I love this line called Eight & Bob,” Dello Joio told me. Her favorite scent from the brand is a complex blend of bergamot, néroli, and petitgrain inspired by the Carribean island it’s named for.

“Not only is this perfume bottle ultra chic, but it actually smells incredible. I’d be lying if I said I had never purchased a perfume solely because I like the bottle and the way it looked on my dresser, but this one really checks all the boxes. As someone who has been wearing Chanel Chance basically my entire life, it takes a lot for me to jump ship scent-wise, but Gucci Bloom is the one that did it for me. It has a floral scent without being too sweet and actually smells better the more it sits on your skin. Even though the bottle has total spring vibes, this is one perfume you can wear year-round, hands down.”

“I was originally looking for scents for my boyfriend. I love how unisex it can be and how it smells completely different on him than it does on me. Sharing is always caring.”

Ibrahim is a busy lady, so it’s no surprise that she likes the switch up her scent for daytime meetings versus evening events. “The Gucci Mémoire I love during the day because it’s light, airy, delicate, and not overpowering. It’s one of those scents that’s faint, but when you walk past someone they’d ever so sweetly notice it.”

“Dior Pure Poison I love for the evening because it’s a little dark and a little intense. It’s like my sexy smell–that liquid confidence you spray on before you leave the house.”

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